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Hendrik Wiegand (Duitsland)

My name is Hendrik Wiegand. I was born in 1964 in Hamburg, Germany. Just after I could walk at the age of three I started fishing. In the summer of 1978, whilst on holiday in Austria, my father took me fly-fishing for the first time. That was the start of a lifetime passion.

In the summer of ‘79 I met Frank de la Porte, a well know German fly-fisher and writer. To begin with he was my instructor, later on he became a good friend. A few years later I was fortunate enough to meet Hans Gebetsroiter, casting together on the Gmundener Traun in Austria,

During 2009 I fished for more than 200 days in stillwater, 100 days of them from the belly boat (float tube). I had a great season with many trout up to 8kg.

In July 2010 I made a trip to Tyrol/Austria and fished the Pillersee. The fishing was amazing so I stayed on for 6 weeks. That was my best stillwater fishing experience to date…. I just love the gin clear lakes and beautiful rivers in the Alps.

But the most impressive fishing day of my life I had was on the beautiful Förchensee in the south of Bavaria at 14-9-2014…why?…please ask me….and of course from belly boat!

Over the years I have learned a lot about fly-fishing and fly patterns, many of which I have revised. I have also organised and co-organised some belly boat events – they are great fun.

I just love being outdoors, on the water, making a good cast or two, meeting up with nice people. That’s fly-fishing. I also like rowing on my local lake, preferably in a belly boat. The peaceful tranquillity, nature I just love it. Sometimes I have the feeling that the water is talking to me …

What about the right fly? At the moment I have the best ideas when I’m sitting on a gin-clear-water-lake. But also when I’m at my fly tying table while listening to Chaka Khan or B:B.King during the day and Pavarotti, John Denver or Blank and Jones in the evening.

I also like to cook for friends… especially Chicken-Curry!

I have tied flies and gave some belly boat demos in 6 countries:

Ireland – Irish Fly Fair (3x)

Netherlands – Dutch Fly Fair

Denmark – Danish Fly Festival (6x)

England – British Fly Fair

Austria – B-Day-Tyrol (3x with belly boat)

Germany – German Fly Festival (2x &1x with belly boat)

Germany – Hamburg Casting Days (1x with belly boat)

Germany – Fishing Masters Show (4x with belly boat)

Today I work as a pro fly tyer, tying instructor, Guide and belly boat instructor – which is the reason for my nickname “the Belly Boat Man“. The belly boat is my biggest passion and a part of life! (….sorry: its my life! ;-)))

My credo is ‘rock the water, but save the nature, I will never complete this journey!’

I really enjoy showing people how to handle a belly boat and telling something to be successful…. so see you……. at Dutch Fly Fair at 21-22 april 2018.


Hendrik Wiegand

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