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Owen Trill

My name is Owen trill from the claddagh galway rep of ireland,I’m fishing since the age of 10 started with my late dad 37yrs ago fishing for salmon and seatrout on the estuary of the river corrib.i specialise tying in salmon flies of all types tying for rivers in ireland,England,Scotland,Europe,Iceland,Canada. Michael costello is the man who taught me to tye flies in his house who I’m very proud of,the salmon flies I tye are mainly variations of original patterns +originals too.over the yrs I’ve tied at many shows ,irish fly fair,ireland angling expo in Dublin,northwest angling show,and the British fly fair which I enjoy meeting the folk also other tiers which I’ve become good friends with.since 2019 I’ve joined ahrexhooks which im very honoured to be apart of this big family.i lived over in Holland over 20yrs ago in eindhoven +maaslouis rotterdam while living thier I fished on the coast fishing and joined the club svv slufter club also worked on the stellabell wrakvisser boat sea fishing out of maaslouis. I absolutely loved Holland 🇳🇱 and really looking forward to the Dutch fly fair meeting up with my Dutch colleges and other tiers who I know.ill be coming a few days ahead of the show to spend time with my Dutch friends in rotterdam maaslouis.